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Minimalist house design concept aims to increase the value of an entire room ( exterior and interior ) by reducing the excessive everything in the room . minimalist philosophy lifestyle represents a practical , dynamic , concise , effective and efficient , which is applied in all aspects of life including architecture , interior space and exterior gardens . Space becomes felt relieved ( empty , immortality , meditative atmosphere ) as the primary needs of residents, optimize the circulation of healthy fresh air , and lighting is abundant sunshine ( rich color ) .

Minimalist home design eliminates saturation with the use of decorative ornaments , trinkets accessories . Character and quality of spaces created is determined by the existence of space itself , not by the furniture and accessories trinkets in it . Minimalism is a translation of a style and pattern of life of the present fast-paced , simple and instant , but maintaining the quality . While minimalism is the embodiment of order life , thought patterns and modern idealism . Use of simple materials ( strong simple elements ) instead of luxury with expensive materials and natural materials ( elements of harmony with nature ) . Exposure domination materials ( soft and hard ) certain will produce different effects .

Design and calculation detail structure can save the use of materials with the results building and garden house optimum artistic appearance . The selection of minimalist home design , whether it's building facades , the composition of the room , no interior and exterior no doubt become part of daily life as well as mirrors today's lifestyles . The more specific options design , the more clearly illustrated how the character of the house .

In line with a dynamic lifestyle , style trends that emphasize elements of hygiene triggered the model building leads to a more minimalist style , more precisely called minimalist modern . According to people's lifestyles are increasingly dynamic , residential style trend today is more emphasis on functionality with a style that tends to smooth .

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