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CONCEPT : Water Front

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Maybe we still common to hear the term Water front Development we certainly more familiar with the term Green or Green Property Development . Water front Development is developing the concept of either the waterfront area by the river . Definition of " water front " in Indonesian is literally riverside area , part of the city bordered by air.Istilah Waterfront Development is already long in use for the development of some urban areas near the water's edge . The concept of development is already in use by some developed and developing countries include: USA, Dubai , and several other European and Asian countries . Development of the waterfront area is already starting to be developed since 1980 and originated in the territory of the United States.
Type - the type of Water frontBased on the type of project , the waterfront can be divided into 3 types , namely conservation , redevelopment ( the redevelopment ) , and development (development ) .- Conservation
Is the arrangement or the old fashioned water front which still exists to this day and enjoy keeping people- Redevelopment
Is an effort to revive the functions of the old water front which is still used for the benefit of society by changing or rebuilding the facilities - the existing facilities .- DevelopmentIs creating a business that meets the needs of the city waterfrontcurrent and future by reclaiming beaches .
These aspects are the Basis for Design of Waterfront Development Conceptexisting waterfront areas design , there are two important aspects that underlie the decision - which produced a draft decision . The second aspect is the geographical and urban context factors ( Wren , 1983 and Toree , 1989) .a. Geographical factors
A factor related to the geographic area and will determine the type and usage patterns . Included in this are water condition , the dimensions and configuration , the tides , and is able to provide water .
- The condition of land , the size , configuration , soil bearing capacity , and ownership .- Climate , namely regarding the kind of season , temperature , wind , and rainfall .

b . Urban context ( Urban Context )Is are all factors which will give its own characteristics for the city in question and determine the relationship between the developed waterfront area with relevant parts of the city . Included in this aspect are :- User , ie those who lived , worked or traveled in the waterfront area , or simply "own " the area as a public facility .
- Khasanah history and culture , the site or historic building that need to be determined direction of development ( eg, restoration , renovation or adaptive use ) and part of the tradition that should be preserved .- Achievement and circulation , ie access to and from the site and circulation arrangements therein .- Visual character , the things that will give that distinguish one region to the other waterfront .

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