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Energy Saving Tips Expel Hot Air

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Home is a place where we take shelter and stay . We get the protection as well as comfort and ter , knya matahani rays and cold weather in the rain .The ideal air temperature inside the house ranges from 24 -26 degrees centigrade . Menasa residents would be uncomfortable if the air temperature in the room to be extreme .  
For example, if in the summer , it will feel stiflingly hot because the heat does not come out . The hot air is trapped due to opening too little room , are responsible for hat mi.Putty air conditioning could be the answer . But the use of air conditioning or air conditioner ( AC ) is not the right answer as a solution to save energy .Hot air can be mitigated by several factors such as : proper spatial planning , pengun aan angen fan platoon . avoid greenhouse effect , and planting greenery .Air circulation in the affected areaby the interior . Openness between spaces can make free air into water and space front to back . The notion of openness is cultivated spaces that are not constrained by the massive materials .Placement of large furniture , should not be placed in the middle of the room . should be sealed to the wall . 
 Limiting the room was arranged to allow air to pass through , for example with bamboo material .Normally . in hot weather conditions , hot temperatures will rise to the top and many gathered in the ceiling area . Use ceiling fans to be one solution . In addition to beautify the room . tool can function optimally mi sebaga heat repellent and ceiling area .Like a bum , the home also menghadapl kondis greenhouse effect . Conditions that make the hot air trapped because of exposure to heatsun . Transparent materials such as glass and large pohkarbonat generally make the condition occurs .For menghindana heat , try a transparent material is not exposed directly by matahani rays . It can mi aan pengun diseasata with barriers such as kiss - KEST . sunshade or canopy .Another solution in the form of laying greenery area home openings . besides the oxygen and results fotosintesanya . plants also bermanf aat sebagal absorbing solar radiation not only planting trees in halarnan home . but the area also needs it .The trick with high dengari meetakkan hejau plants around the window parallel to the window , to the type of plants that can dlpilih is • plants with dense leaves .By saving energl to expel hot air , is the first step to global pemnasan menguranga .

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